úterý 22. července 2014

I am back!

lucie srbová, blogerka z plzně, bílé šaty, zlaté boty
Hello everyone! Iam finally back in the Czech Republic and I am ready to focus on my blog. I am sorry about the short break but the last couple of days were crazy. I was struggling before I left Aberdeen and I am so happy that I have such great friends there who helped me a lot. But now I am back home and I have my photographer back which is awesome.

pondělí 7. července 2014

A short break from blogging

It has come to the worst but I have to stop blogging for about less than a month. I am coming back to the Czech Republic on 22nd July and since that day I will be blogging again. I dont have any photographer here and I dont want to post pics in a bad quality. I bought a lot of new clothes in Aberdeen so you will see plenty of new outfits when I come back. I will also have a new camera and tripod so this thing wont happen next year. In the meantime, I will be reading my favorite blogs for inspiration and I hope that my lovely readers forgive me the lack of posts and come back at the end of July. :)

úterý 17. června 2014

Fashion in Aberdeen

móda ve skotsku, jak se obléct na oběd, dámské oblečení

I have to wait one more month and I will finally be back in the Czech Republic. It is not that I dont like Aberdeen. I just spent so much time here and I feel like I need a break from it. My expectation about living here were also different. When I found out I would be studying fashion management I though there would be plenty fashion events and I would have a lot of great pics for my blog.

neděle 8. června 2014

Random pictures

aberdeen, night life, clubbing, party

Everything is working against my blog. Firstly, the internet in our flat stopped working and I dont know how to fix it. So now I am sitting in the local restaurant where I can catch the free wi-fi. Secondly, I do not have any photographer and I am afraid I would have to wait till I come back to Czech Republic which is at the end of July.

neděle 1. června 2014


dunnottar castle,  stonehaven, trips in aberdeen, where to go

Everything is so crazy right now. I though I would have plenty of free time since I finished uni but I was wrong. I started working more hours and I spend most of my spare time with my friends. The last four days were super fun. We went to a 90s party, club, flat party and we also went bowling which was awesome. I havent played it for a year but somehow I managed to win it. Yay! Me and my boyfriend also went to Stonehaven to see the castle. The weather is usually quite bad in Aberdeen but last couple of days were fantastic. Therefore, the trip was really good and I finally saw other places than Aberdeen itself.

pondělí 26. května 2014

From a charity shop

šaty z trička, módní design, street style, bloger, oblečení

Since I moved to Scotland I started shopping in charity shops. You can find really wonderful pieces there for cheap prices. There is no need to spend hundreds of pounds to look fashionable. Therefore, I decided to create a new section called From a charity shop where I will show you my finds from local charity shops.

středa 21. května 2014

Alice in Wonderland

pancakes, best in aberdeen, where to have a tea, cafes in aberdeen

I am not a person who drinks an afternoon tea everyday but if I do I prefer to do it in style. Yesterday my boyfriend took me to a perfect place called Cup Cafe which looks like it was made for me. First of all, they sell pancakes with fruits and cream which has to be one of my favorite desserts ever. Together with macaroons, ice cream, waffles.... and everything that is at least a little bit sweet. Their collection of teas is also extraordinary though this is coming from a person from Czech Republic where you can get green tea, peppermint tea and thats about it. I chose the mango iced tea and I suprisingly did not break anything while preparing it (though there was a moment of weakness).